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A Day in the Life

The needs of the families we work with are really pretty basic.  Most are single parent mothers and grandmothers trying to raise the children as best they can.  Keeping a roof over their head and food on the table is their biggest responsibility.  These are hard working people with a strong belief and faith in their God. Some have just fallen on bad times while others have simply made bad decisions.


Their needs are typically help with rent, their utility bills, and groceries.  While many of these families are paying their bills, they are sacrificing proper meals to do so.  They are faced with a choice between electricity or food, or even a roof over their heads or supper.  This may seem extreme, but that is the reality of many of these families.  And yes, this is in Charlotte, NC.  You don't have to travel out of the city, state or even out of our country to find people in such need.




Current Needs


Most of the needs we meet are urgent, i.e., the electricity is being shut off, they are being evicted, their car is broken down and they can't get to work, etc.  For us to act on these, we need to have available funds in the bank.  Please consider supporting these families with regular donations.


Financial Support: Your donations are tax deductible, and enable us to continue serving the poor in our community.


Donations In-Kind: 

  • Personal hygiene items (Toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, feminine products, etc.)

  • Furniture donations

  • Gift cards for gas and groceries

  • Clothing, usually sizes M-XL

  • Jobs - We always have people looking for work.  If you have a position available or have a contact that may have something available, please let us know.  Our families are hard working, honest Christians with a strong desire to serve God. 

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