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What We Do

The New Leaf Foundation is and has always been about building relationships. Meeting financial or material needs is only a small part of what we do to help changes lives.


Our basic philosophy of serving is to not just deal with the urgent problems that people face, but to help remedy the root causes of their situation.  Therefore, we don't just pay a bill for a family.  We discover why they are in their current situation and support them in making lifestyle changes that prevent them from being in the same situation in the future.  Where other support agencies might just pay the bill and send them on their way, we create a relationship with the family and have multiple follow up sessions to make sure that they stay on the right path.  These sessions might include accountability check-ups on how provisions were used, therapeutic or financial counseling, training in job-hunting skills, budgeting classes, etc.  We literally help people turn over a new leaf in their lives.  We indeed are a New Leaf Foundation!   


Our Process


Above all, we believe that to get ahead and stay ahead in life starts with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We believe that no amount of financial or emotional relief can replace the hope that comes with a relationship with Jesus Christ.  With that in mind, before we ever meet with a client, we do have strict criteria they must pass to determine their eligibility for our support. Some of those criteria include the following:


  • The client must be an active member of their church family and receive a recommendation from one of their church leaders.

  • They must also have been working for at least six months or show documentation of actively pursuing work or of an inability to work.

  • We will only work with clients who manage their households well (provide for children, pay bills, no known drug use / selling by individual or individuals living in the home, etc.).

For those looking for assistance from the New Leaf Foundation, they must meet our criteria and agree to our terms identified in the documents at the bottom of this page.

We realize that we can't help everyone, so we want to make sure that the ones we do serve are those who are willing to do what it takes to turn over a new leaf. For those who are on their knees at night praying for a miracle, we want to be God's hands and feet and "be the miracle." 


Once a client meets our criteria, we will sit down with them and their pastor to offer the following support:

  • Provide for their immediate needs (e.g. financial assistance, basic necessities, etc.)

  • Identify the root cause of their crisis and create a solution-oriented action plan for them to follow

  • Schedule at least two follow up appointments to make sure they're on track with their action plan

  • If needed, provide financial literacy courses, counseling, job-hunting workshops or job placement services


Through our holistic approach to serving those in need, we have been able to prevent most families from ever having to return for additional support. Our process has empowered those in need to get jobs, feed their families, serve their communities, and become good, productive citizens of our society.

Application for Assistance

If you would like to apply for assistance from the New Leaf Foundation, then please read the forms below and submit the appropriate application in an email to us at


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